1_homepageStamili Hamidi, 33, an HIV positive heroine addict, stands in 'Sheraton Camp', a corner in the Temeke neighborhood of Dar Es Salaam where addicts get together. Dar is a port city and heroin use started growing exponentially about 20 years ago.
2_homepageTeresia Ngulupa, 60, a Maasai woman, sits outside a 'boma' in Mkuru, northern Tanzania.
3_homepageDerrick Anderson, 17, got blind at a young age because of retinoblastoma.
4_homepageA street in Moradabad, India.
5_homepageAn undocumented Mexican immigrant shows the business cards of the Chinese employment agencies that smuggled him from the U.S.-Mexico border to New York.
6_homepageA Maasai warrior outside Mkuru, northern Tanzania.
7_homepageGrace Mbawala, 27, dozes off at a 'peer educator training' in the Medicins du Monde center for drug addicts in Temeke, Dar es Salaam. Mbawala is addicted to heroin, cheap in Dar Es Salaam because Tanzania's harbors are a main port of entrance for drugs from Pakistan and Afghanistan.
8_homepageA brick workers camp outside Moradabad, India.
9_homepageJames Cooke, 64, holds a piece of paper with a metaphor he often uses to explain his neurological disorder, called prosopagnosia, in his home in Islip, Long Island. He "reads" faces like people may read the sentence in the picture: without punctuation. It would make sense if it was punctuated: "That, that it is, is. That, that is not, is not." He can see faces but he can't remember them, not even his daughter's or his son's.
10_homepagePaulo Papalay, 27, a Maasai warrior, with his 3-year-old son outside his home in Mkuru, a sub-village in northern Tanzania.
11_homepageA mother and her daughter smile at each other at a hospital for malnourished children in Monrovia, Liberia.
12_homepageCynthia, a 17-year-old rape victim, poses at a Red Cross Training center in Monrovia, Liberia.
13_homepageA school for abused girls in Monrovia, Liberia. Ten years after the end of the Liberian civil war, rape continues to be rife.
14_homepageA few district leaders discuss how a day of polio vaccination went in Moradabad, India.
15_homepageZainabn Muhammed, 29, with her 15-month-old daughter Ayilat, stand next to their home garden outside a village in the Morogoro region of Tanzania.
16_homepageA Bible cover property of Rafaela Lozano, a Dominican immigrant in New York who prays every day for her deported relatives.
A child being vaccinated for polio in Moradabad, India. April 2013.A child being vaccinated for polio in Moradabad, India.
18_homepageA family prepares to leave Towero Clinic in Morogoro region, Tanzania. They come for regular check-ups on the weight of their baby.
19_homepageThe hands of a girl who was raped at 14 years old, Duport Road Clinic, Monrovia, Liberia.
20_homepageA brick worker outside Moradabad, India.
21_homepageBenigno, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, attends a protest for immigration reform in New York. He has not seen his ailing mother for 20 years.
22_homepageA Maasai kid runs to the dining room during break at Losinoni School in northern Tanzania. Losinoni School is a public school with over 600 Maasai students.
23_homepageDori Frame greets some neighbors in Brooklyn, NY. She suffers from a neurological disorder called prosopagnosia or faceblindness.
24_homepageKwesi Okyere, an immigrant from Ghana applying for asylum in the U.S., lies in the grass at Central Park, New York, days after being released from an immigrant detention center.
25_homepageGayatri Mishra, 28, in Lodi Gardens, New Delhi, India. She takes public transport every day to her editorial job and takes extra precautions since 2012’s brutal gang rape in Delhi.
26_homepageNew Delhi, India.
27_homepageGraciela Beines was a victim of brutal domestic violence in New York. As an undocumented immigrant from Argentina she qualified for a type of visa called U visa that allowed her to remain and work in the U.S. after cooperating with the police.
28_homepageTaj Mahal, India.
29_homepagePello Niasaja (left), the oldest man in Mkuru, a sub-village in northern Tanzania, supervises his family’s cows and goats at sunrise helped by sons and grandsons.
30_homepageAbraham, a “hero rat”, eats a banana prize after correctly sniffing a landmine in Apopo’s training camp in Morogoro, Tanzania.
31_homepageA farmer called Gastón, 60, shows a cacao seed in Tocache, Peru. The Alto Huallaga area of the Peruvian jungle has been for decades a drug traffickers and terrorists' paradise. Although security in nearby areas is worsening, Tocache has improved tremendously: most farmers including Gastón used to grow coca here until recently. Now many grow cacao.
32_homepageRafaela Lozano kisses her granddaughter in her apartment in Washington Heights, New York. Lozano is a Dominican immigrant who has had several relatives deported from the U.S.
Women wait to fetch water at sunset in Mkuru, northern Tanzania.Women wait to fetch water at sunset in Mkuru, northern Tanzania.